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Aerial Photography & Videography
A cost effective way to instantly increase the production value of any video project is with aerial videography. Through spectacular aerial video and photos your message becomes crystal clear to your audience. Call us today for a demo or quote.

Cutting Edge Technology
Velicocopter by
Wildlife - Getting close up pictures or video of wildlife can be challenging.
Surveys can be even more of a challenge.

Commercial Promotions - Clients get a fresh perspective on how their property or valuable assets are viewed.

RealEstate - Draw in investors, clients to your golf course, dazzle them with stunning pictures and videos of the course from an aerial perspective.

Project Management - Bi-weekly, weekly or monthly updates of the job site can eliminate travel and manage a project more efficiently.

Other Uses - Conservation Enforcement-Crime Scene Investigation-Search and Rescue-Accident Investigation

Multicopters come in all shapes and sizes. Although, there are configuration differences, they all have the same basic components: pilot command and control, motors, propellers, ESCs, a frame, and a flight control module. 

However, don't confuse professional equipment with the
that are on today's market.

Arkansas Aerial Photoghraphy and Video uses professional quality

airframes and autopilots that are manufactured especially for the aerial photography industry.  Our aircraft are some of the most reliable, efficient and capable platforms in the state.

Clients like these flexible platforms for a number of applications including live-view aerial spot checking of crops, persistent aerial imagery from a single point as well as collection of inspection data from difficult to reach areas including bridges, towers and cliffs.

Professional photographers, advertising and video production companies
have found our systems to be not only a time saver, but also simplfies production since scaffolds, cranes and booms can be eliminated.  No more
time intensive setups on location.

When precision aerial location is the most valuable component of your data collection operations, a hovering  Arkansas Aerial Photography and Video  multi-rotor platform is the right choice.

  A Perfect Radio Control Aerial Photography Platform

Why Use R/C Aerial Imagery or R/C Videography

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R/C Aerial Photography and Videography
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